1. General rules

1.1. By joining the Pandemic Server Community (game server or Discord), you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules laid down therein. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

1.2. The penalties associated with any violation are given in brackets. However, these are only recommended guidelines and can be reduced or increased by a verifying staff member depending on the severity of the violation.

1.3. Many offenses have consequences. Penalties for similar, repeated offenses will be more severe.

1.4. Community members must always respect each other. This includes, but is not limited to; bullying, harassment, provocation, insulting, prejudice and discrimination. This also applies to the disadvantage of introducing an unhealthy atmosphere on the server (gossip, innuendo, slander) (48-hour ban / perm)

1.5. Cheating, exploiting game mechanics, stream sniping, using third-party software or otherwise enjoying the benefits of any currently known and unknown imperfections or defects on any of our service platforms is against the rules. (Perm ban)

1.6. If you want to avoid impersonating yourself or get technical support faster, we recommend using the same nickname in the game and on Discord.

1.7. Don't impersonate a staff member or other player inside or outside the Community. (48-hour ban)

1.8. The administration reserves the right to expel any member of the Community for any reason that is deemed necessary and which is not expressly set out in law, and may be considered to be detrimental to the Community.

1.9. Attempts to avoid bans using alt accounts or other methods may result in a perm ban, and administrators reserve the right to ban any / all related accounts. The same applies to attempts to circumvent the principle for which a lower penalty is due.

1.10. Threatening, planning or admitting to breaking the rules can also be a threat and depends on the Administrator's decision.

1.11. Receiving a ban in the game is equivalent to receiving a Discord ban and vice versa.

1.12. If any of the points in the regulations seems unclear, before you interpret it in your own way - ask. Otherwise, your interpretation may work against you.

1.13. If something is not included in these regulations and you think it may bend the rules, then when such an event occurs, contact the administration immediately to clarify the situation, and if the administration does not respond - refrain from taking further action.

1.14. The administration reserves the right to make changes to these regulations.

2. Game server

2.1. General rules

2.1.1. This is a typically PvP server without rules for Kill On Sight. However, we encourage players to try other gameplay options, such as role play, hostage taking and base siege.

2.1.2. We recommend using recording software while playing. The material can be used as evidence when reporting a potential violation.

2.1.3. The rules in points 1.4 and 1.7 in the game also have their power.

2.2. Building structures

2.2.1. Any secure construction, natural or built, with at least one form of locking mechanism (Codelock/Combination Lock) at each entry or exit is considered as the base.

2.2.2. Military zones, such as, for example, North West Airport, Barracks Zielenogorsk, Tisy, Stary Sobor, Myszkino and Pawłowo, and other structures in which there is a military spawn, are places excluded from construction, the same applies to Police Departments, Hospitals, Water Wells and Summer Camps. This includes using any build mechanics to block other players' paths. (24-hour ban and removal of structures).

2.2.3. The base must have at least one access route that will allow a fair raid. It must not be blocked using tents or any objects that cannot be removed. If such an item is found, it will be deleted. (24 hour ban)

2.2.4. Using objects such as bonfires, fence sets, watchtower sets, or other hard-to-see objects that stop vehicles or traveling players is against the rules. (24 hour ban)

2.2.5. It is forbidden to put towers on top of each other, and each of the legs of the tower must be on a stable surface.

2.2.6. In the case of a transfer of structures between players, the withdrawal of blocking mechanisms is the responsibility of the transferor. (administration does not dismantle codelocks in this case)

2.2.7. Base which is inactive for one week period may be removed to maintain good server performance.

2.2.8 It is strictly forbidden to stack gates (building one in the other), and when opening / closing they must not interfere with each other. The locking mechanism must be available for the raid, i.e. it cannot be in textures(24h ban and removal of structures)

2.3. Base Raiding

2.3.1. Accessing the base by climbing on unrealistic props (levitating bonfires, batteries, wheels, etc.), unrealistic climbing on players (a maximum of 3 people can get on), squeezing through the walls of buildings and tents, doors, gates and fences built by the player ( this also applies to their frames), it is completely against the rules.

2.3.2. Allowed items are barrels, boxes, vehicles, player-built structures, raid items.

2.3.3. It is not allowed to place objects above two levels during the raid and use objects that would not support human weight (e.g. an improvised tent).

2.3.4. The use of game mechanics that aim to gain dishonest access to the base is strictly prohibited. (perm ban)

2.3.5. If you gain access to the other players base, you cannot log out or disconnect from it. The exception to this rule is to replace all blocking mechanisms in the base with your own, as mentioned in point 2.3.6 (24 hour ban)

2.3.6 If you remove ALL locking mechanisms from the gates (codelocks, 3/4 digital combination lock) in the enemy base, you can then take over the base. The administration, however, in such a situation is not responsible for persons who were logged out in the acquired base, or situations resulting from the acquisition of the base. Replacing parts of the locking mechanisms with yours is prohibited. (7 days ban)

2.3.7 In the event of any suspicion of a raid being unlawful, it is advisable to have evidence (recording or screenshots) from places / situations that may raise doubts, i.e. constructing buildings intended for the rally, removing security (except for using a raid saw), entry routes and leaving the base. You should also have evidence of putting in place your blocking mechanisms - this applies to section 2.3.6 In case of doubt and lack of evidence, the situation may end up with a ban.

2.4 Combat rules

2.4.1. The definition of the term Combat Log is as follows: logging out or otherwise disconnecting from the server to avoid clash, death, or other form of hostility.

2.4.2. Logging out is against the rules when it occurs within 15 minutes of hitting an opponent or taking damage. (24 hour ban)

2.4.3. You must wait 15 minutes before logging in if you intend to fight the same opponent or you must attack another player. (24 hour ban)

2.4.4. Exploiting the flaws of the game thanks to which you can look through the walls or use places where building textures disappear - strictly forbidden (perm ban) (This does not apply when crawling over the gate, when for half a second half the characters enter the textures before lying down - it is important that such situations are recorded from the very beginning to the very end, so that there is no suspicion of using a game error. No evidence = Perm Ban )

2.4.5. In case of necessity of relogging during the fight, e.g. due to some character / weapon bug, it is necessary to record / screen the occurrence of a given event. If such evidence cannot be obtained, it is necessary to distance from the fight at a distance of a minimum of 300m.

2.4.6 In the event of a game crash during combat, it is necessary to prove it by having a crashlog. To find it, go to the directory located under the path: C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ DayZ. The Appdata directory is hidden by default, you may need to enable showing hidden files and folders. (Does not apply to the entire server crash)

3. Discord

3.1. General rules

3.1.1. Do not interfere with the operation of Discord and the server. Examples of this include: text, image and advertising spamming. (12 hour ban)

3.1.2. Pornographic content or anything else that falls under NSFW ( is strictly prohibited. (Perm ban)

3.1.3. Do not publish links to other server Discords or advertise them; it's kind of not nice. (perm ban)

3.1.4. Do not invite any bots. (24 hour ban)

3.1.5. Restrict posting of animated photos on each channel. Except for your own private clan chat. (24h)

3.1.6. You cannot discuss the location of players and the player base that is not yours; let's try to limit the interaction of the game only to the game. (24 hour ban)

3.1.7. If you have a question about a game or anything else you would like to know, our incredibly competent community will probably know much more than we do! Use the # help-chat section, the answer you are looking for may already be on the channel, so try to search for it first (Discord has the "Search" option). If you don't find it - ask someone for help! However, if you need the help of a staff member, get a ticket. After putting on, continue your daily routine, patiently waiting for us to reach your ticket. We know you are waiting.

3.1.8. Private messages between the User and the Administration are confidential and cannot be published in any way. Unless both parties agree to publish this content. This also applies to tickets.

3.1.9. The official language on general channels is English, messages in other languages ​​will be deleted. Conversations in other languages ​​may be conducted in regional channels. It is possible to add more regional chats if the language group is quite large.

3.2. Compensations

3.2.1. Please note that administrators are not required to compensate for vehicle faults, vehicles are used at their own expense and will not be compensated. You have been warned.

3.2.2. The case never seems funny when it comes to the loss of items, so we offer compensation for some losses that could not have been avoided at all. Before you read this thread, ask yourself, does this loss mean something big to me? If not, save your staff time by not requesting compensation. Of course, we make requests by tickets.

3.2.3. List of correct compensation reasons: You have been the victim of another player breaking the rules after submitting and accepting the report (the player's report must first be approved before compensation can be obtained; details of submission in Section 3.3) Shutting down the server unannounced (DDoS attacks or simply a server crash). General server problems (server script is not working properly or something related to it). Someone used the faults in DayZ mechanics.

3.2.4. List of incorrect compensation reasons: Client side problems (if the game freezes or something goes wrong with your side). Kick for a reasonable reason (if you get kicked because of too high ping or trolling). General loss of items due to incorrect game synchronization, e.g. manipulation of equipment several minutes before restarting. Losses resulting from a scheduled restart (keeping track of restart schedules is your own task). We do not compensate for something that you could potentially gain, we only compensate for the actual loss (if you have an restrained player and the server crashes, we will not compensate for any potential equipment from which you could rob it). We do not compensate for defects in flying/vanishing vehicles, this problem is too common on most servers and is usually not compensated. For this reason, it is also not recommended to use cars for storing items.

3.2.5. If your problem is not listed above, contact any member of staff and ask them nicely(no one likes to be threatened and such situations will be doomed to failure) maybe something can be invented. For most of them, however, there is a very simple guideline - is the game or the server guilty?.

3.2.6. Claims for compensation will not be considered if the incident occurred more than 2 days ago.

3.2.7. Each of us has our own life in which something always happens and the server is not a job but a hobby desire to give us all the opportunity to meet in Chernorus, so do not expect your compensation claims to be dealt with immediately. It may take several days for your compensation claim to be reviewed and accepted / rejected. Respect that we are doing everything in our power as soon as possible, so do not send spam to any staff for faster consideration of your request or raise in the ticket itself.

3.2.8. Respect that administrators have the last word on this matter and you must accept any verdict they come up with. Not accepting the administrator's final opinion and bothering him may result in a ban. We are here to help everyone and give our best, but we are not your servants.

3.2.9. The only way we can be sure that your claims are true is to provide us with the necessary evidence to support your case. Evidence is a must and we will have to reject all claims for damages without providing sufficient evidence. In special cases, you will not need full proof (in such cases you need a photo of your inventory or something similar).

3.3. Reports of violations

3.3.1. Killing by other players who violated the rules is also not funny and we will do our best to make our community as clean as possible from such people. The player can submit a ticket preferably after he tries to solve the problem by contacting them. Remember that staff resources are limited, and every report you save us gives us more time to work on new content and other cool things for you!


3.3.3. The rules on patience and the last word in Section 3.2 also have their power here

3.3.4. The only way we can be sure that your claims are true is to provide us with the necessary evidence to support your case. Evidence is a must and we will have to reject all reports that do not contain sufficient evidence. There are also a few rules about what is considered important and what is not.

3.3.5. Requirements for video evidence: A minimum length of 5 minutes (may be shorter if the evidence is clear enough). Sound must work, don't cut Teamspeak / Discord or game sound. Quality must be decent enough to read nicknames in chat. It is not edited unless specifically requested by a staff member.
3.3.6. Requirements for evidence of screenshots: High quality screenshot. Also not edited in any way. Must have correlations with respect to the report.
3.3.7. Keep mature in your report, we do not accept any vulgar language in it. We expect you to show respect and not write anything you shouldn't. Your report must simply be transparent and not offend anyone. If the entry is sufficient, the reported player will be treated accordingly, so you do not have to add it to him, e.g. on Discord.