The server was created for players who want to spend a nice couple of hours in a world devastated by zombies, who want to feel the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, who, wandering around chernarus, will enjoy the trinkets found and appreciate the difficulty of finding better equipment such as automatic rifles or night vision devices, which will bring incredible joy once we find them.

The first person makes us take on our character more and prevents cheating during PVP and leaning out from behind objects without leaning the player model.

Reduced loot of better items (mainly military), the game begins to resemble more survival than pvp game, but pvp is not lacking in the north of the map. To get better equipment you have to try harder.

Modified tier system - they are divided horizontally from bottom to top, the further north the less cans with food, which makes it necessary to start hunting and fishing, the deeper the land the harder, but better equipment, weapons have larger caliber. Backpacks and clothes more slots. Tier map at the bottom of the page.

Due to the above, the spawn helicrash and spawn places of the character were changed (spawns characters were removed in the east and added in the south).Two new military locations have also been added, so now each player at the beginning has a similar distance.

New military locations can be found by looking for a modified map on the tourist routes.

The new zombie system specially adapted to the server, from weak grandparents to very strong military men, you can also find new zombie mutants added in individual locations further north.

Lack of a trader is a big advantage, it makes players move around the entire map.

Possibility of creating clans - each clan gets its own text and voice channel on the discord, a welcome item to the base and a armband with the logo chosen by the members, and the ability to mark the area of clan activities on the map of routes.

Raiding bases 24/7 using dedicated tools - Raidsaw (black and red saw) allows you to destroy one codelock (cutting time 15min) There are three saws on the map, the next ones will appear only after lifting the current ones.

The time to build the base has been extended (from cutting down trees to installing the wire on the gate) to make the gameplay more realistic.

We try to make our own modifications and reactivate old mechanics such as breaking legs, in several places we have added locations (for independent search) that are not on other servers and many others.

Map Tier

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