Radiation Zone

On tier 1 and 2 there is a randomly chosen military location with low radiation level which is dangerous only in term of long exposure. The north of the map (tier 3 and 4) are whole covered in one radiation zones with different borders and with different levels of radiation each restart so you never know what to expect.

How to deal with an invisible enemy, few words about radiation.

How to deal with an invisible enemy, few words about radiation. On the server you will encounter zones with radiation, this short guide will help you to survive in this deadly zones and will help to understand how radiation can kill you. First thing to know are units. Radiation level is counted in millisieverts per hours (mSv/h), while the received dose of radiation is counted in millisieverts (mSv). The longer you are exposed to radiation and the higher is the radiation level in the zone you will get the worse symptoms of radiation disease. Below you can find a table which can help you identify each stage of disease, it’s symptoms and cure possibilities. You can also read how long you can stay in the zone before you get first symptoms of radiation sickness. Attention, the time values presented in the table are only for the person with full NBC suit.

How can I protect myself from radiation?

The NBC suit is the answer. Each part of it will give you some % of protection from radiation.
NBC hood - 10%
Gas mask - 20%
NBC jacket - 30% + built-in dosimeter
Gloves - 10%
Pants - 20%
Shoes - 10%

My character is sick.

The radiation disease, which you will encounter is separated on five stages. Each stage have symptoms that can lead you to death if not treated properly. More details about each stage, symptoms and cure possibilities you can find in the table above. Short clarification of the symptoms. Dehydration - character will lose water faster. Fatigue - constant vanishing part of the stamina bar. Vomiting - constant vomiting every few minutes. Bleeding - constant bleeding every few minutes.

How can I measure the radiation level?

You will need a Geiger counter to do that. Search for them in the military zones, police stations and fire stations. They are powered by 9V battery so prepare one. After turning it on you can read the radiation level in place where you stand (the bottom value) and the dose you character currently have (upper value). To measure received radiation dose you can also use the NBC jacket which comes with built-in personal dosimeter. When you equip the jacket the bar below the stamina will show you the dose you received (the scale is from 0 to 10 000 mSv). If you don’t have anything mentioned above you can still identify the radiation dose you received. Each stage of disease is represented by the color. If you get sick from radiation, the big radiation sign will appear next to stamina and dose bar. The sign will have a color matching the stage of the disease that you currently have.

My character got irradiated, how can I get rid of the sickness?

If the exposure to radiation was to long or the radiation level was too high you will get radiation disease. The dose you received will bring symptoms of the disease and can be cured only if the dose you have will drop below 500 mSv. So the key point of dealing with radiation sickness is to get rid of radiation from your character’s body and there is only one thing you can do, wait for it to go out. However you can help your character in that process by taking anti rads - special pills which will speed up this process tenfold. When the dose is below 500 mSv you can cure the symptoms by taking tetracycline antibiotics. If the dose you received is higher than 10 000 mSv you will need a blood transfusion to cure the symptoms. The anti rad pills will also give you protection from radiation for some time but only if the radiation level is not very high (under 100 000 mSv/h).

How to survive in irradiated zones?

The key resource here is water. From the start of the radiation sickness you will constantly lose water which will bring you to dehydration very fast, so take some more bottles or look out for wells. It’s worth to check the radiation level from time to time so you can predict how long you can go before there is no way to go back. Definitely collect NBC suit or get some anti rads to minimize the dose you will receive.

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