Na serwerze zainstalowane są mody dodające nowy ekwipunek oraz broń, jednak z nastawieniem na przewagę sprzętu cywilnego ponad militarnym. Ponadto dodano nowe przedmioty do baz oraz modyfikacje ułatwiające rozgrywkę tj. możliwość obracania przewróconych aut oraz mapa ułatwiająca odnalezienie się nowym graczom.

Pandemic - Private mod especially for the Pandemic server, which restores old mechanics such as fractures, makes the character unable to walk and we are forced to crawl, such a state lasts 15 minutes. You can stiffen your leg with a Splint that will allow us to walk and run (we still can't sprint for 15 minutes). It also adds clan armbands and many other things.

CodeLock - thanks to it we can set up CodeLock, which gives us the ability to set the gate access code.

BaseFurnitureMods - BaseFurnitureMods - adds items to base, among others boxes, cabinets etc.

MoreGuns and WeaponsReduxPack - we have chosen from the mods a few weapons that best match the atmosphere of the game.

Flip Transport - Adds the function of turning the car with the key when, after a restart or during an accident, the car turns to the roof.

Vehicles have reduced impact damage, they can still be destroyed.

added in a small amount Armored vehicles (Dingo) and Quads.

Mod that only lets us see our location on a paper map in the game.

BuildAnyWhere - Improves building mechanics in the game, allowing buildings to be erected in places where there was no such option before.

WindstreidesClothingPack, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul, MunghardsItemPack, FS and Deceit - We have chosen the most suitable items for the game, add new clothes, weapons and crafting recipes.

BetterInsepct - with it we can forget about time consuming search in our storage and inventory to find something we need. Use the middle mouse button on desired item, all items of the same type will be highlighted in brown and compatible items in yellow (eg after U click weapon in hands, compatible optics, magazines and ammunitions will be highlighted),

Notes - Added options for writing notes on paper and attaching to objects.

Mod na termin ważności pożywienia. Gdy nie zakonserwujemy odpowiednio mięsa, zgnije w przeciągu 4 godzin, lub 8 pod warunkiem, że je upieczemy/ugotujemy. Zakonserwować można za pomocą soli w garnku co wydłuża jego świeżość w zależności od ilości soli (max. 15 dni).

ToxicZone - Adds toxic zones on the Tisa and Troytskoye military bases, also increases the number of wolves in these zones, which is an additional threat. To enter such a zone and not get sick we need a suitable NBC suit, which is difficult to find. The outfit includes: shoes, pants, gloves, jacket, hood and gas mask. The outfit gets 20% damage after each entry to such a zone, so when we have a new outfit it allows us to enter the contaminated zone 4 times. However, we must watch out for damage dealt by zombies, wolves and other players, if the outfit is damaged while you are still in the zone, your only salvation is ToxicCure, which you will find in medical locations. Compensation for a long search of clothes and hardships of survival is much better equipment located inside the zones.

Adds messages to the game that contain information about the current mission in the game. These are all kinds of tasks like freeing animals, finding supplies for survivors, picking mushrooms, hunting, transport missions and much more ... How to take part in them? Turn on and set your radio to 97.7hz and wait for a message while playing!


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