Food and drink status indicators have been improved, previously full apple / bottle did not mean that our character is 100% full. We could see the full icons when the apple had ~ 1,500kcal. bottle ~ 1.500ml. In fact, our character can hold over 15,000kcal and ~ 5,000ml. In short, it gives us a full insight into what stage of refilling or dehydrating our character is at.

Our statuses drop a little more slowly and you don't have to eat the whole cow or two alone within a few hours. The amount of food obtained from animals and crops has been reduced, it is harder to find food cans on the map. To sum up, the difficulty of finding food is directly proportional to the slower status decline which gives us a fairly good and real balance.

Perishable food

- Raw food will decay to dried in 4 real hours and then to rotten in another 4.
- Baked or boiled food will last 16 real hours.
- Food inside player inventory is not exposed while you are offline, but food inside any containers in the world will be exposed.
- Dried meat can only be boiled to save it, trying to bake it will burn it.

Conserved food

- Find salt stones (crystals) or salt packs in village houses
- Fill a container (pot) with 100% water
- Put your cooked/raw food inside together with one or more salt stones
- While doing this, food will last a lot longer, but at most 15 days if also cooked.
- Salt stones will degrade and loose properties over time depending on how much food you have there, but for reference 1 salt stone with 1 food steak will last 35 real days. 1 salt stone for 5 food steaks => 35 / 5 = 7 days protection.

Keeping food in the fridge

- Use car or truck battery, attach metal wire to it.
- Or use power generator with cable reel.
- Connect the battery or cable reel to the fridge.
- Power on the fridge.
- While doing this, food will last even longer, but at most 20 days if also cooked.
- Car battery will keep the fridge running for 5 and a half days, while truck battery ~17 days.

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