About 5000 new objects decorating the map have been added

Modified tier system - they are divided horizontally from bottom to top, the further north the less cans with food, which makes it necessary to start hunting and fishing, the deeper the land the harder, but better equipment, weapons have larger caliber. Backpacks and clothes more slots. Tier map at the bottom of the page.

Due to the above, the spawn helicrash and spawn places of the character were changed (spawnpoints characters were removed in the east and added in the south). Military loot was eliminated in Baloty, Prison Island and Tikhaya. New military locations have also been added so that the player regardless of the starting point has a similar distance to each.

New military locations can be found by looking for a modified map on the tourist routes.

Reduced loot of better items (mainly military), the game begins to resemble more survival than pvp game, but pvp is not lacking in the north of the map. To get better equipment you have to try harder.

The new zombie system specially adapted to the server, from weak grandparents to very strong military men, you can also find new zombie mutants added in individual locations further north.

RadiationZone - Adds contaminated zones in the northern part of the map, stronger on military bases Tisy, Troytskoye and in one new base. In addition, random radiation can appear in tier 1 and 2 locations (less dangerous). To enter such a zone and not get sick we need a suitable NBC suit, which is difficult to find (2 sets per map). The outfit includes: shoes, pants, gloves, jacket, hood and gas mask. Each element of the outfit provides a different bonus to radiation resistance. The outfit does not damage itself from hitting, but we must watch out for damage dealt by zombies, other players and other creatures that inhabits these zones. The Geiger counter and anti-radiation tablets will also help us in the trip to the zones, and the zones themselves can change their power and range every restart. Compensation for a long search of clothes and hardships of survival is much better equipment inside the zones. Read more...

Lack of a trader is a big advantage, it makes players move around the entire map.

Custom trail map with toxic zones and new locations marked. In addition, every active clan, marking the administrator roles on their clan channel, may ask to leave the message "Attention our claan is hunting here" on this map (of course, this is about the approximate locations of the areas of activity, not selecting the base).

Several types of events randomly appearing on the map, differentiated in terms of the type of loot

Map Tier

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