Vanilla zombies, however, the location of some spawns changed and the number of zombies significantly increased (~ 300%) may also appear randomly in fields / forests

HP differentiation of zombies on the principle - the stronger the zombie appears, it probably is (e.g. thin grandfather is the weakest and soldier very strong). Vanilla zombies have all of them at 100HP, our examples include: a thin elderly gentleman in a remote area - 33HP, civilian zombies in cities / villages - 66HP, manual workers - 100HP, uniformed services (police guard) and hunters - 150HP; military depending on rank - 200-250HP

New strong zombies added in larger quantities, the higher Tier, so watch out for T3. New zombies are treated as a kind of bosses and therefore have more HP

Both new and old zombies have a sensitive point which is the head where their hp is significantly lowered in relation to the rest of the body, e.g. vanilla zombies (military) now fall after two shots in the head with a smaller caliber and one with a larger than 0.45ACP

New specimen has been added to the menagerie - infected wolf (twice as strong as normal)

Tier3 is additionally patrolled by animals twisted out by radiation (they do not give food suitable for consumption) which are harder

Animals die from a single shot with a hunting weapon and bleed when hit

The skinning time of the animals has been slightly extended (~ x2)

Reduced meat and bones from skinned animals

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