Dayz Pandemic

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DAYZ pandemic

DayZ Pandemic

The history of DayZ Pandemic dates back to 2012, as soon as Dayz mod for Army II appeared, survivors struggled to survive on the server. After a long break, the server returned, but this time to DayZ Standalone.


DayZ Pandemic is a server with custom settings directed towards Hard.


The server has a lot of mods that affect the comfort of the game. They make the game much more interesting than Vanilla.


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Dayz Pandemic

The server was created for players who want to feel the atmosphere of a world ravaged by zombies, where there is hunger and cold, and not many of remaining supplies, i.e. for those who want to feel the real atmosphere of the post-apocalyptic world. The first person makes us immerse our character more and prevents cheating during pvp and looking over obstacles without leaning the character model. Trade takes place only between players and the mods are selected in such a way as to make the gameplay difficult and that nothing falls from the sky.

Custom tier placement, spawn changes, new objects and events. Read more...



Modified zombie system, new specimens and changes.


The car mechanics on our server have been modified to make driving safer. Read more...

On tier 1 and 2 there is a randomly chosen military location with low radiation level which is dangerous only in term of long exposure. The north of the map (tier 3 and 4) are whole covered in one radiation zones with different borders and with different levels of radiation each restart so you never know what to expect. Read more...

Radiation Zone

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